Technology is changing the way we live and do work, but it’s also transforming the way we learn. In the past several decades, technological innovations have made their way into the classroom and forever altered the course of education.

Apple II vs. iPad

Apple II desktop computers were cutting edge for their time, but computers today are smaller, faster, and give us immediate access to learning programs.

Chalkboard vs. Smartboard

A chalkboard was the norm in 1988, but now those screechy, dusty boards have been replaced with SMARTboards in classrooms nationwide.

Textbooks vs. Kindles & iPads

Students used to lug around dozens of books for classes but now, many schools provide Kindles or tablets so students have access to hundreds of books at a time.

Rotary phones in school
vs. Cell phones for students

It used to be that students had to go to the principle’s office to make a phone call. Today though, most students have cell phones that let them easily communicate with others.

Homework written on chalkboard and copied by students vs. Student portal

In the past, teachers would write down homework on the chalkboard for students to copy and complete. Today, teachers upload problems into online portals for students to access.

Parent teacher conferences quarterly vs. On demand emails

Parent-teacher conferences used to be a once a year event. Today, parents have instant access to all of their children’s teachers through email.

Encyclopedia Britannica vs. The Internet

Encyclopedia Britannica was a feat of book binding back in the day. Now though, the internet has erased the need for hardcover encyclopedias. A simple search query in Google reveals facts and stats about millions of topics.

Papers written in cursive vs. Papers typed

25 years ago, papers were written out by hand and turned in to teachers. Today though, teachers expect papers to be typed according to their word count specifications.

Floppy drives and CD ROMS vs. Thumb drive

Storing information on a floppy disc or CD-rom was the norm 25 years ago. Today, thumb drives, or web-based storage like DropBox, are the most convenient way to transfer files.

Stand alone computers
vs. Internet connected computers

In 1988, you were lucky to have just one computer at your school. Today, schools have vast networks of internet-connected computers that give students and teachers access to information instantly and increase opportunities for learning.


If you are a parent, most of the older gadgets here were what you used when you were in school. If you try to help your kids now, it might be hard with the new ways everything is taught. So, to avoid nightly homework battles, let us tutor and you parent. We can help your child succeed!

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